Saving the best for last, the last of the main Darkstalkers females to be designed if my darling little Kitten, Felicia! Felicia’s design I wanted to keep simple but, at the same time, make it look more efficient for her survival. Felicia’s main changes are a few belts on her legs with packets attached to them and a dark blue scarf that was designed for her by the Weretiger tribe she’s helping defend in this instalment. The belts are for the simple fact that, when you’re basically naked, you’re not exactly equipped for the upmost survival and having a storage system with you to keep things such as water, food and first-aid are almost essential, hence what those packets on her legs are holding. The scarf is what’s known as a mark of a hunter to the Weretiger tribe, concealing one’s breath and swaying in the wind like an elegant dancer when advancing on prey. This scarf was crafted by Lady Vanisha herself to give to Felicia, and she wears it happily. What Darkstalkers character should I design next?

I decided to go ahead and continue with Darkstalkers 6 designs as of last night, and I’ve been thinking of characters who could use a few tweaks to their designs, and I thought of the fact that I’d already designed Morrigan, so I decided to go ahead and draw the other main Darkstalkers females in a new style, starting with Hsien-Ko. Hsien-Ko is mostly the same, except with a few details to show how she works her arms out of her sleeves easily, a nice floral print on her dress, a few slits in her pants to let her legs breathe, a pair of gloves to help handle equipment more efficiently, and one thing I don’t think anyone else does which honestly surprises me…giving her lifeless eyes. Hsien-Ko, in all context, IS dead, a Jiang-Shi/Chinese Ghost if you will, it’d only make sense that the light of living be cast out of her eyes. Yet, if I recall, almost every picture of her shows her with a glimmer in her eyes and it’s…kind of odd. Regardless, this is Darkstalkers 6 Hsien-Ko, enjoy. :3

*Sigh* Makoto’s tale in Blazblue is almost like that of a greek tragedy. She, when introduced, was top tier undoubtedly and never budged from that spot for well over a year and a half…that is until Blazblue: Continuum Shift EXTEND came around and nerfed her to all hell that it was almost unfair against Makoto users. She is, on record, the only fighting game character to ever go from being God Tier to Bottom Tier in the span of a single game. However, with ChronoPhantasma, many fans, myself included, thought that she’d get some buffs that’d give her an edge in battle and have her out of the bottom tier. However…after checking in on tier listings for ChronoPhantasma…she’s still Bottom Tier…however, characters like Valkenhayn, who was already an amazing character before, GOT BUFFED EVEN MORE, listing as the top tier character when excluding DLC characters (Kokonoe is actually God Tier).

It’s quite sad to be honest, and they didn’t even fix Arakune up either, which, AS MY MAIN, upsets me quite a bit, or should I say they nerfed him AGAIN as he went down in tiers after being slightly buffed back in EXTEND. The guys over at Aksys and Ark Systems could learn a thing or two on balancing, and not from Ryota Niitsuma. 

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t use her, and she’s still the fourth most used character in the world despite this, which is good. I just hope a patch comes out that fixes her up a bit, it was almost unfair how badly she was nerfed and never fixed up.

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